Noor Hibbert


Noor Hibbert

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JUST F*CKING DO IT will take the reader on a mind-altering journey of self discovery and personal transformation in order to help them learn how to be the best version of themselves and create a life of happiness and abundance.

Noor shows the reader how truly life-changing personal development happens, not only by adopting the key concepts that psychology teaches, but that we can 10x our success and happiness by harnessing and utilising the universal energy force that is available to all of us.

Through chapters such as ‘Gratitude is Gangster’ and ‘Think It, Get It #GoalDigger’ she gives the reader a spirited and energetic kick up the booty to stop playing small and live the extraordinary life they were destined to live.

“I wrote this book with the intention that it will be your wake-up call. To give you a chance to transform your life and to inform you that whatever situation you are in right now, you have the power to change it. This book is about helping you go for your effing dreams and finally getting the shit done that you have been dreaming about, that is ultimately going to make you feel ... yes ... happy.”

Noor Hibbert is an International Business, Executive & Strategic Intervention Coach, serial entrepreneur and mother. She has a degree in Psychology, a Post Graduate qualification in Business Coaching, and a Post Graduate qualification in Coaching Psychology. She is a Certified Strategic Intervention coach with Tony Robbin’s International Training Institute, an International speaker with a TedX event and has also been accepted on the elite Forbes coaches council.

She has created two 6-figure businesses in just three years, whilst raising three small children and has been on a spiritual journey which she believes has accelerated it all.