Mark Pallis

Paws McPause

Mark Pallis

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Introducing children to mindfulness with a fun new character.

The Paws McPause stories are designed to bring meditation and mindfulness to a mass audience of children and parents. Many people are still not fully conversant with mindfulness, but have heard some of the buzz about its positive impact on children, including boosted self-esteem and well-being; reduced anxiety; greater calmness, relaxation, and self-regulation, and better sleep. 

The books will be bright, dynamic and fun, taking  science-based meditation and mindfulness techniques and apply them to real-life situations, with a healthy dose of humour. In Paws’ universe, the experience of being ‘in the moment’ is valued, and is understood as integral to our everyday life. At the end of each story, the child will feel entertained, but will have also experienced mindfulness through a sense of connection with their breath, body and surroundings. As they become more familiar with a ‘Power Pause’ they will be able to reap the benefits of mindfulness for themselves, having absorbed simple meditation/mindfulness techniques. 

Mark has been an ad agency Creative Director, a writer on the Emmy-winning Tales of Peter Rabbit and a kid’s TV consultant. He is a former Member of the Executive Committee of the Children’s Media Foundation. 

He began practicing mindfulness in 2015 and wanted to share the benefits with his children without having to sit them down for a meditation session. He created the ‘Power Pause’ which used everyday objects to trigger a moment of mindfulness. He engaged in extensive research and worked with various mindfulness experts to hone the process. 

Mark studied at LSE and Cambridge and was originally a barrister and occasional contributor to the Guardian and The Times. He switched to the creative sector after devising the award-winning BBC drama Garrow’s Law and acting as Story Editor over its four series. Since then, Mark has built up 15 years’ experience in communication, branding and storytelling. 

As Creative Director and Head of Business Development of a busy ad agency specialising in games and apps, Mark became an expert telling stories in 30 seconds and working with text and pictures to create memorable messages. He also delivered exceptional growth, taking the firm from a turnover of £2m to £8m in 18 months. 

He wrote episodes for the Emmy award winning Tales of Peter Rabbit, and was a story consultant to several animated kids TV shows including Bugglebury (Sonia Bloom). He is now a full time writer and creative producer with a passion for opening up important areas like Mindfulness for everyone to enjoy. 

“I love creating compelling characters and worlds. My aim is to make moments of genuine engagement between a reader and a child that will stay with both of them for life.”