Emma Mahony

LATE TO THE PARTY: A mother and son’s story of ADHD

emma mahony

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As explained by the author...

“This is a memoir that started as a ‘How-to’ guide, in the spirit of my two previous books, and ended as a very personal memoir. It moved from informing parents about how to deal with an ADHD diagnosis for their child, to my own diagnosis for the disorder, which took place while I was writing the book.

 As with many diagnoses, everything – and nothing – changed afterwards. From the moment that I finally had the ADHD confirmed, I knew that it was like a final piece of a puzzle being put into place, with the picture on the jigsaw revealed. My potential had never matched my personality, and now I understood why. With that came a number of conflicting emotions, including grief for my old self, anger, frustration, but ultimately a self-acceptance and a readiness to change for the future.

 My passion is now to get to the word out about this complex disorder to the world, and to reduce the stigma around seeking a diagnosis. Unlike so many other mental health issues, there is so much that can be done to help sufferers of ADHD, and I hope Late to the Partywill contribute to that work. It is my belief that people with ADHD are blessed with as many positive traits as negative ones, all they need is a little understanding”.

 Since her diagnosis, Emma Mahony has requalified as a teacher of modern foreign languages in state secondary schools as part of the first cohort of Now Teachers, set up in2017. Formerly a freelance journalist, she had a weekly property column for the FinancialTimes, and wrote for the Guardian, The Independent, The Telegraph, The Mail and TheTimes. At The Times before the birth of her twins, she edited the Pets, Property, Shopping,Food and Drink and Gardening sections of the paper, and returned to edit the online editionof Family Travel. An author of two books published by HarperCollins – Double Trouble(Twins and How to Survive Them) and Stand and Deliver (And Other Brilliant Ways to GiveBirth), She lives in Sussex with her husband, three children and a dog.