Paige Killian


Paige Killian

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EVERYTHING WITH STYLE is the essential guide for the busy mom who wants to be able to show up as the mom, wife, friend, employee, neighbor and Christian that God intended her to be.

Keeping on top of raising a family, running a household and being present in your community, all the while striving to set the best example for your kids, can leave very little time for you. But what about you? Isn’t being able to have the time and space to listen to the desires of your heart what God wants for you?

Well, Paige Killian feels your struggle, because she’s living the same life in the trenches too. As a wife, mom of 2 small children, elementary school teacher, and faith-based Organization & Style Coach, she has enough plates spinning to feed a family of 12!

Between carpool and bible study, school volunteering and grocery shopping, client work and Container Store trips (seriously, the woman is ALWAYS at the The Container Store) she knows better than anyone the importance of trying to get ahead of the game when it comes to running her life.

Inspired by both her time as a Kindergarten teacher and her Organization & Style business, helping stressed-out families bring some order to the chaos of their lives, she created her simple 3 E’s Philosophy to help moms take simple achievable steps to creating the home, wardrobe, family life and schedule that will make their heart sing.

The 3 E’s Philosophy shows you how to break (literally!) everything down into 3 simple steps to encourage you to get started without the overwhelm. It provides the reader with both the tools and the motivation to tackle those different projects around the home that need some love and attention.

“I realized that many times the blessings that are waiting in the wings  for us are being blocked by the stress and anxiety, often caused from the unnecessary clutter surrounding us in our environment and also in our hearts. Piles of paperwork on the counter, an overflow of toys or clothes, toxic relationships, or other burdens make it difficult to navigate through life as a busy Mom with loads of responsibilities and make it look easy or perfect. So, my mission is driving this point home. We can’t do everything perfectly, but we can do Everything With Style! That means that perfection is off the table and pursuing a life that minimizes disorganization and chaos in order to intentionally follow the plan that God has for our life became the goal.”