Anna Mindess



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You Have a Face Like a Boiled Fish is an illustrated collection of food-themed insults from around the world. This humorous gift book weaves together four popular and timely themes: food, insults, culture, and language in a novel way. There is nothing as focused or as inclusive as this on the market. It contains 100 food-themed insults from around the world in at least 25 different languages from Arabic to Yoruba. A brief introduction describes the universal tradition of verbal insults and their psychological underpinnings. The structure follows the format of a menu and offers a summary of cultural insights at the end. Each insult has a whimsical illustration, a literal translation, its English equivalent and a brief note on usage. It is a perfect impulse buy for a hostess gift, conversation starter or a respite from an ocean of meanness.

“I have been collecting these food-themed insults from friends and colleagues for many years. Discovering that the speakers of nearly every language let off steam by hurling food-related insults was a deliciously satisfying revelation. Upon further study, it became clear that these do not form an arbitrary list, but a culturally relevant collection. The current daily barrage of insults flung by all manner of public figures is outrageous, to say the least. One way I have found to counter this demoralising trend is with humour.”

Anna Mindess is a a food-obsessed writer and interpreter who loves to travel. She has published 200 articles, many of which aim to illuminate world cultures by describing unique restaurants, special dishes, and traditional dining practices. When she stumbled into the weird, wonderful world of food insults, she found it combined her passions for food, culture and language.