Nick Silver

How to live, thrive and survive in a post-Anthropocene, post-human and post-reality world

Nick Silver

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Scientists are warning that to avoid environmental catastrophe, we have to immediately transform our economies. Well that’s not going to happen, so what should we do?

Assuming we survive the cataclysms, we will be living in a barely recognisable world, where humans, and our AI servants, will have to run the planet. But currently we’re in no shape to do that – our institutions and even our philosophies, are woefully inadequate. Given the magnitude of the task we had better start thinking about it now – which is what this book dares to do.  

Nick Silver is CEO of Callund Consulting, founder and chairman of Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) and Radix, the think tank of the radical centre. Nick is a visiting fellow at Anglia Ruskin University and Cass Business School (City University). Nick has worked with the UN, World Bank and over 30 countries’ governments on climate change and economic development. Nick recently won The President’s Award for outstanding contribution to the Actuarial Profession and the Phiatus Award for his charitable efforts. Nick’s book, Finance, Society and Sustainability was recently published by Palgrave Macmillan.