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John Carlo

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You can't be dead, if you were never alive.

Rigby Goode is a hacker with a heart of gold whose ability to erase personal identities makes him the man everyone wants, and some will stop at nothing to get their hands on. 

Click to Kill is a contemporary tech noir, exploring the fragile limits of personal identity in a world where clicks can kill.

Click to Kill combines the London street jive of Mick Herron; the page-turning hooks of Terry Hayes; the intrigue of Charles Cummins; the detailed research of James Ellroy; and the British tradition of brains over brawn.

John Carlo is the nom de plume of John Carter, a marketing consultant with an international reputation.

John has invented and built brands for over thirty years, working globally with the world’s most famous ad agencies, and later as an independent, in sectors as diverse as educational robots, studio theme parks, spirits and wine, and even skyscrapers. A skilled public speaker, he specializes in interactive, workshop-style environments where the audience don’t just listen, but also interact and learn.

In just a few weeks, following the online-only release of Click to Kill, John Carlo has established a strong following on social media, generated thousands of page views to the author website, and earned publicity in Writers & Artists Newsletter, as well as in literary blogs. The interest is coming from a combination of John Carter’s thousands of contacts across the world, built up over many years, and new contacts attracted by a fresh perspective in the crime/thriller genre.

John brings a unique combination of literary, brand-building, and presentation skills combined with a determined professionalism, and is looking forward to working with others on his journey to create a long-term successful author brand.